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Payroll issuance and management services

Focus on growing your business, free up time and resources.


Issuing and managing payroll

  • Calculation of wages, hourly wages, overtime, night shifts, holidays

  • Salaries, allowances, increments

  • Tax deductions 

  • Insurance contributions 

  • Contributions to Government Funds


Monthly status shipments

Monthly sending of payroll statements, payment receipts


Advisory support

  • Updating our clients on labor and insurance legislation

  • Insurance Audit support


Construction Payroll

  • Issuance and management of payroll for construction companies

  • Preparation and Submission of Salary Declaration of building sites


Submissions TOOL

  • Compilation and submission of all forms in ERGANI and ERGANI II

  • Hirings

  • Redundancies - departures

  • Schedule changes


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